THE Roadmap to eCourse Success

A streamlined system to design your first eCourse

It’s time to stop day-dreaming about teaching an eCourse and to start creating it with a proven step-by-step process. You don’t have to let overwhelm and uncertainty hold you back any longer.

You know that creating your first eCourse will transform your business. You have SO much to share with the world….but the whole process can be so overwhelming.


Imagine you can transform overwhelm into confident eCourse creation with


Clarity to create an eCourse that your audience will love . . .




Easy-to-use tools to build and deliver content so you can get your course out there and make an impact . . .




A step-by-step strategy to take the guess work out of finding a workable topic and structure . . .




Confidence in your curriculum to optimize results . . .




Lessons with just the right amount of content to keep students successful and engaged . . .



There is no telling where you could take your business! 



Julia Pearing, a yoga teacher in NYC, had tapped out her income potential from classes and privates.

She was ready to build an eCourse but had no idea how to go about it. She was overwhelmed by all her ideas, worried that no one would want what she built, and had no idea how to make the technology work for her goals.

And then, she stopped day-dreaming and took action. Using a proven system, we worked together to map out a “starter” course, built the content, and ran a successful trial. The students loved it! She learned lots and is now ready to revamp the course and up her game to the next level.

Eileen has so much knowledge and years of experience in teaching courses online. Without her coaching and guidance, I would have never thought I could create a course that was inspiring, professional and successful!”  ~ Julia

Roadmap to eCourse Success


is a personalized 1x1 program for aspiring online teachers that uncomplicates

the process of designing and building an eCourse.

The Roadmap moves you past overwhelm and confusion into confidence and know-how.



With the Roadmap, you will learn to:


Create a course that gets your feet wet in the eCourse revolution




Hone a topic and define the learning outcomes for your course




Create engaging course content




Organize your course content into manageable, digestible chunks




Test your eCourse for market potential and learning effectiveness



Eileen is a superior mentor who has guided me over the past 10 years throughout a variety of educational endeavors.

I wholeheartedly recommend her hands-on and caring teaching style, which allows students and participants to learn through unique experiential learning formats.  Her familiarity and ease of working with online technology in particular is a testament to her effective and innovative abilities.

Michael Schwebel

Roadmap for eCourse Success synthesizes my nearly 20 years of online teaching expertise into a streamlined course development process.

I’m Eileen McGurty, and I’ve spent almost two decades teaching university online courses, training teachers to teach online, and creating fully online graduate programs,

My time in the trenches has shown me the enormous power of online learning when built on a foundation of proven teaching principles.  My goal is to help you tap into this enormous potential to transform your business – and your students.

You are perfect for the

Roadmap to eCourse Success if you:


Are ready to join the eCourse revolution but are overwhelmed by the process




Have a great idea but aren’t sure if anyone will buy it




Want to create an eCourse with lots of interaction and engagement




Are confused by the eCourse technology choices




The Roadmap to eCourse Success is not for you if you are not ready to take action to build a successful course, if you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, or don’t want to make an impact with an online course.


 With my proven system, you will



Pinpoint a course topic and goals that work




Outline content that engages and delivers results




Map out fantastic lessons (with my special sauce!)




Organize a manageable course structure



The Roadmap for eCourse Success program includes:


3 1x1 sessions (90 minutes each) to move through each of the steps




Roadmap Manual chock full of clear explanations and examples



And because I want to make sure you have all the support you need, you will also receive

unlimited email between sessions.

 This package is a $650 value, but I am offering it for only $247. 


Join the eCourse revolution.


I know many of you want to get that course out in the world pronto, so I have also created a:

VIP package: you and me for one weekend. We crank it out!


With the VIP package, you also get the Roadmap Manual and unlimited email follow-up for a month.

Imagine, one day you had no eCourse and two days later, you have the entire curriculum ready to go!

This accelerated package is an $800 value and is only $297.


Accelerate your progress with the VIP package.


If you do the work and follow my guidance, you will have a starter course curriculum with amazing lesson design, engaging content structure, and a technology plan. Yup, I’m offering a money back guarantee.

Roadmap to eCourse Success

Your future students will be lucky that you did!