Well, not really.  But bear with me, please.  This post is about BOTH nomad shelters and online learning!

Using quizzes in your online course is one of the best teaching strategies available.

Don’t believe me? Let me show you.

Take this quiz about yurts (nomad shelters!) before you read the blog. Unless you are a yurt-loving nut like me, you probably won’t get many of the answers correct. No worries. I will sprinkle information about yurts in the blog and at the end you can take the quiz again to see how much you learned.

You will learn lots about yurts (everyone should know about them!) and experience the power of quizzes. Win-win!


You may think that giving your adult students a quiz would insult their intelligence since quizzes are usually associated with grades and children.   If done well, a quiz can motivate students and maximize learning. And the results demonstrate to students, you and your audience how totally kick ass your course is!

A quiz can be used to encourage the testing effect. As described in Make it Stick, the more you practice retrieving information, the more likely you are to remember it long term.


But there is an even more powerful way to use quizzes in your online courses: the pre and post quiz will motivate students, prime them to pay attention to the most important ideas in a lesson, and keep them excited for the next lesson.

When you ask students to respond to a few basic questions about the topic prior to the lesson, you are getting them to focus on key ideas. A pre-quiz removes all the noise about a topic and provides the framework for the lesson.   Using a pre-quiz gets your students to zoom in and stay focused.

Can you see how it works?

Here’s a little more about yurts:



The post quiz is also a powerhouse learning technique. By asking students to work at recalling, it helps to cement the new information into long-term memory. That’s the testing effect at its best. Also, by making the results immediately available, students see their progress and stay motivated to keep working.


Click here to take your post quiz now.

It will reinforce what you learned about yurts so you can talk about them at the next cocktail party and you  will see how much you learned in just a few minutes because you were primed.

And then come back to the comments and let us know how much you improved!