The great teacher in all of us

I’m Eileen McGurty. I love working with aspiring eCourse instructors who want to serve their students with the highest quality learning opportunities.

Together, we turn your passion, knowledge and desire to serve into a dynamic, interactive and high quality online course.

I spent almost 20 years as a university professor and administrator. During most of that time, I taught online regularly (as well as in the classroom), trained other faculty members to teach online, and built and ran online graduate programs at leading universities.

When I started teaching online in 1999, the technology was cumbersome and most people thought online courses were not “real.”   And in the beginning, lots of bad courses were out there. But the good ones started showing amazing results – great interaction with students, amazing student outcomes, and teachers and students loving the freedom online courses provided.


I started practicing yoga in 1997 and became a yoga teacher in 2008, teaching part-time at several studios and to incarcerated men and women in New Jersey. When I was ready to make yoga my full time gig, I had no idea how I would make it work.

I really did have a light bulb moment, while driving in my car. Bam! “You know that online courses can be amazing learning experiences! You can help yogis and other folks to teach great courses online. You know what to do! You gotta share it with your fellow yoga teachers!”

I was reluctant, to say the least. The whole idea of starting a business was not for me.  But, I had a bee in my bonnet, and it wasn’t going away. Always a life-long learner, I turned myself into a student of business, so I could reach the yogis and wellness folks who wanted to teach the best online courses possible.

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