Eileen has so much knowledge and years of experience in teaching courses online. Without her coaching and guidance, I would have never thought I could create a course that was inspiring, professional and successful! Her educational platform made it possible for me to take my material and present it in a clear and coherent way. I look forward to working with her again in the near future!

Julia Pearring, RYT

New York, NY

You are in the right place if:



You have never taught online but want to give it a try


You are overwhelmed by technology and the “whole online thing”


You want to develop your teaching skills with sound ideas based in the science of learning


You want your online course to be of the highest quality with the greatest impact


You want to diversify your income with online courses

Student studyingAs an aspiring eCourse instructor, you are ready to serve the highest in your students and clients.  Teaching online does not mean you can’t interact with your  students. And you definitely don’t have to dumb down your offerings.

Here’s the thing: eCourses can be amazing educational experiences with lots of interaction and learning opportunities. Apply some basic educational principles to your eCourse design, and you will blow your students out of the water.



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