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Are you ready to tap into the $107 billion online course market?

If you’ve been struggling to get an online course or group program up and running, you are not alone. Most online course creators get overwhelmed with the many moving parts of building a successful online course– will the course sell, will the students learn, how do I handle all the technical aspects, do I need special equipment or apps?

The truth is that you can design, build and sell an online course. You can have the whole enchilada – make a great living, on your own terms, while helping students reach their goals.  All it takes is passion, dedication (you got those, right?)— and a little know-how (that is where I come in).

Welcome to my online home where I offer guidance (and hand-holding, if needed) for each step in creating a profitable and meaningful online course.

Eileen has so much knowledge and years of experience in teaching courses online.

Without her coaching and guidance, I would have never thought I could create a course that was inspiring, professional and successful!

Julia Pearring

Eileen helped me get clear on the tangible outcomes I wanted for my students and how to best structure my course to get them there.

I completed my course outline in a matter of hours and launched my course the next week! Now I’m getting rave reviews from participants. I recommend Eileen to anyone who wants to create a high-impact online course that makes a lasting change on his/her students.

Catherine Middlebrooks

Eileen gave me concrete steps to redesign the course so students stayed engaged and increased participation.  The course has improved tremendously, and students have had great results.

Eileen breaks down the steps needed to take when it can seem overwhelming. I highly recommend Eileen’s knowledge and expertise.

Marjorie Nass

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How to Build a Course That Is So Amazing It Almost Sells Itself.