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Are you ready to tap into the $107 billion online course market?

If you love the idea of building a sustainable income with online courses but are struggling to make it happen, you’re not alone.

A whopping 80% of online businesses don’t make it past the first year.  There are so many moving parts:

> All the tech to learn,

> All the equipment to set up

> All the planning to do

And that’s before you even start to think about getting it in front of your audience.  It’s no wonder you’re looking for a little help.

Teaching online really doesn’t have to be that hard. All you need is passion, dedication (you got that, right?) and a little know-how (that’s where I come in).

You can design, build and sell your online course. You can make a great living on your own terms and help your students reach their goals – the whole enchilada!

Launch an online course and there’ll be no more hustling to get the next private student or running from studio to studio to get another class.

The truth is that teaching yoga online really is different from teaching anything else online.

If you are ready to build a sustainable income while teaching yoga, I can show you how.

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